Why You Need a Signature Talk

Ever wonder what it takes to be a great speaker? I'm talking about someone who can captivate attention, influence behavior, and sell ideas?

Here’s the truth: It takes a lot more than talent.

Maybe you’ve noticed this. It’s not always the smartest, most accomplished people that give the best talks, and maybe this bugs you.

Maybe it should.

There is one thing the best speakers have that everyone else lacks: they have a “signature talk” ready to go.

So what is a Signature Talk?

A signature talk is both an educational and persuasive presentation about the 3-4 most important concepts you want your audience to know:

  • It opens strong and grabs attention

  • It delivers valuable content that builds trust

  • It finishes with a call to action

Here’s why you need one!

When you have a signature talk ready to go, you have a system that helps you describe what you do and what you believe in, plus:

Adult learners automatically assign expert status

to speakers, so giving a signature talk will establish

you as an influencer and expert in your field

Whether you’re giving a talk, networking or writing email copy, you will use the same information and persuasive words to share what you do and why you do it.



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