"Secret Sauce" of a Good Story

April 10, 2018


Storytelling is the best way I know to fast-track trust with an audience, communicate value and overcome doubt.   I love teaching business professionals how to find, craft, and tell compelling stories.


But at first, many of my clients worry that their stories aren’t worth telling. Do you ever worry about your stories?  Do you wonder if your stories are “good enough” to tell in a professional setting? 


Luckily, there is a “secret sauce” that can help you tell a good story. All you need is the recipe, and I've got it for you right here.


Good stories are unique, artful and delicious. When cooking up a savory story, be sure to include these ingredients:




Memorable stories are about experiences that shape and define us – and those almost always involve conflict.  It’s in challenging times that we learn what we are made of, who our real friends are, and what really matters.


High Stakes –


Great accomplishments usually require that something important is at risk.  If there isn’t a lot to lose, who cares?  High stakes make for an interesting story. 


Sympathetic Main Character –


Humans are emotional. We root for the good guy, and we react to stories because they move our feelings.   


Someone or Something is Transformed –


A story worth telling includes a lesson learned or a character that is changed.  Without change, there is no story.   


There you have it!  Use this "secret sauce" to create compelling stories that are worth telling. You need stories to build trust and credibility with your audience - so it's important to tell them. If you need help, reach out!


All the best,



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