It All Starts with a “Paradigm Shift”

True paradigm shifts are rare. A paradigm shift actually involves disrupting established wisdom and the world is never the same again – like when humans figured out that the world is round instead of flat. We all moved off in a new direction based on new maps, our eyes a little more open.

So when I talk about creating a “paradigm shift” for others, I feel a little self-conscious. But more and more, this term is being used in business to describe what happens when you get people to think differently and make new assumptions about how things work.

So hey, let’s join the fun.

Let me tell you about Molly, a client that I helped with a “paradigm shift’ that changed her thinking (and feelings) about speaking to large groups.

Molly came to me because she faced an opportunity that was too good to turn down – to lead a break-out session at a prestigious health and wellness conference.

Molly knew she should say yes, but she wanted to say no. “I hate speaking to groups. It’s just not me.”

As a nutritionist with a thriving private practice, she was comfortable talking to her clients one-on-one. Now she was being asked to address a group. “They told me there could be as many as 150 in the room!” Molly’s brow was furrowed and her eyes were wide.

“I’m scared.”

To help Molly get beyond her fear, I asked her some questions:

  • “What is exciting about helping a room full of people, rather than just one client at a time?”

  • “What if it was easy? What if you could have the same conversation you have every day with clients, adapted slightly for a group?”

  • “What if you found ways to make it fun? What if you could be yourself?”

  • “What if you opened with a great story that captured attention?”

  • “What if we could practice together, so that you felt comfortable delivering the content?”

These questions created a “paradigm shift” in Molly’s thinking. Molly’s core mission is to help people, so the idea of helping even MORE people was appealing to her.

She went from “presenting is hard and scary” to “presenting is easy and just a different way of helping people.” From that new perspective, we were able to do great work together. As she relaxed, she began presenting with joy and ease. She let herself have fun.

Molly’s breakout session was a hit!

If you want to influence people to evolve and grow, start with a “paradigm shift” – a new way of seeing their world and the possibility for change.

Best, Cheryl

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