The Power of Intention

No one sets out to deliver a mediocre presentation. I have yet to meet someone who wants to underwhelm their audience.

Ari was excited to be named Team Lead for an important project at work. As part of his new role, he was asked to deliver a project update for the client. Ari spent hours preparing his deck. He rehearsed his presentation over and over again until he knew it by heart. On the morning of the big day he wore his lucky sweater.

Let’s just say that it didn’t go very well.

The client seemed distracted and kept glancing at the time. At the end of the meeting, Ari felt disappointed and confused.

When I asked Ari about his intention for the presentation, he said, “We always update our clients…to keep them informed, you know? It’s part of our process.”

Notice how Ari described his intention.

To update and inform

These verbs have low emotional energy – and this is a clue that a presentation is bound to be, well, um, boring.

He probably should have sent an email instead.

What if Ari had resolved to deliver a presentation to excite, inspire, or empower the client in some way?

To excite, inspire, empower

This simple shift to verbs with high emotional energy makes all the difference!

Okay, but how do you create high emotional energy when you’ve been asked to provide an “update”?

Sharing facts and data with any audience is never enough. Talk about WHY it all matters, how your audience can help, and then remind them of the many benefits that will come from reaching the shared goal.

Not boring at all!

Before you create your next presentation, remember the power of intention.

All the best, Cheryl

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