The Power of Silence

It’s not a good feeling when people reject what you have to say.

Worse than that, there will be those who won’t bother to consider your idea before they discard it. They won’t care enough to give you their full attention.

If you notice your audience sneaking a peak at their phones, flipping through the handouts, looking out the window, writing emails – they’re not listening to you. Sticking to your script is probably not going to help.

There is one thing that a speaker can do that ALWAYS gets attention.

Stop talking.

Silence commands attention. It may take your audience a second to notice, but they will. Suddenly all eyes will be on you. This is your chance to win them back.

Take a breath. Make sure your facial expression is curious and friendly.

Next, ask a question; find out what they’re interested in hearing. What do they need?

Then use this information to adjust your presentation.

Your top priority is to attend to the needs of your audience. They’ll appreciate you for clarifying what’s in it for them…and you’ll win back their attention.

Works like a charm! Employ the power of silence to re-engage your audience.

Warmest Regards, Cheryl

P.S. – I love to hear how my tips are working for you, so please keep me posted (!

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