Get Polished!
It's time to shine. We can help.

Are you ready to transform your personal and business life?  What if you could bring your best self to every interaction, presentation or speech? What if I told you that I KNOW you can become a polished speaker?


You CAN communicate with confidence, ease - on stage, in meetings, and 1:1 with the important people in your life.  You can engage authentically with others and command the room by sharing powerful, unforgettable stories.  How do I know?  I’ve helped hundreds of business professionals, entrepreneurs, and professionals get there, and you can too.


The truth is: there is no need to invent a "new you" – the goal is to bring out the real you. You already have everything you need to be successful. What I offer is a coaching partnership that will draw it out of you – and teach you some tips and tools to masterfully share your voice with the world.

Group Workshops

We believe in experiential learning:  you will practice and apply everything you learn in real time. In our group workshops, we explore dynamic communication skills that build trusting relationships to enhance your ability to connect with others more deeply. Contact The Polished Speaker to schedule a workshop for your group on one of these or a customized topic:


  • Polish Your Storytelling

  • Make Your Presentations Shine

  • Speaking Mastermind Group



1:1 Coaching

Cheryl works with several clients one-on-one to accomplish specific goals. With the use of tried and true techniques and various coaching package options, clients learn how to enhance their communication and presentation skills, and to connect better not only with co-workers but with family, friends, and loved ones. Contact us to explore:

  • Pinpoint Sessions (2 - 90 minute coaching sessions)

  • Super 6 package (6 one hour coaching sessions in 90 days)

  • Ten plus Pen package (10 one hour coaching sessions with email check-ins/correspondence)

  • Polish Your Storytelling (4 sessions)

Tools & Methods


In addition to professional input from your coach, some packages and workshops include video feedback. You'll watch yourself on video in order to build self-awareness, gain insight about how you come across, and to  celebrate your progress.


Regardless of how you work with The Polished Speaker, dedicated time will be spent on rehearsal and self-reflection.  What was your impact on the audience?  What did they think and feel as a result of spending time with you?  Professional coaching supports this process as you learn to separate intention from the actual impact you have on a group.