Cheryl Wiles

Cheryl knows that the most effective communication begins and ends with authentic connection.


Authentic connection is key whether your audience is a co-worker, a friend, a family member, or an entire roomful of people. Meet Cheryl and learn how to make authentic connections that will make your relationships sparkle and your presentations shine.

ABOUT Cheryl

Cheryl Wiles has dedicated the last 15 years helping others discover, refine, and transform their leadership talents and improve their communication skills. She has worked in a variety of corporate leadership positions, as an executive education instructor, meeting facilitator, communication coach, acting teacher, and theater director. These experiences have enabled her to use her understanding of corporate culture, awareness of interpersonal communication, and talents as a teacher in ways that clients, colleagues, and trainees have dubbed “highly motivating,”  “very supportive,” “refreshingly honest,” and even “life changing.”   


As a senior consultant at the Professional Development Company, Cheryl has worked with a variety of corporate and not-for-profit clients, ranging from Del Monte Foods and Takeda Pharmaceuticals to The Robin Hood Foundation and the New York City Fire Department. Tapping into her acting and directing talents, Cheryl has had great success teaching nonverbal communication and public speaking. She has taught presentation skills workshops at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Business to both MBAs and executives, specializing in assessing nonverbal style and handling impromptu speaking opportunities. She has also worked at an interpersonal coach, facilitator, and presenter in several of Columbia’s Executive Education leadership programs. Her other academic consulting has been at MIT’s Sloan School, the Tuck School at Dartmouth, Northeastern University, and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. In addition, several of her articles have been published in the Harvard Communications Letter.   

Partners and Collaborators:

Cheryl is especially grateful to Lynn Russell and Joann Baney of the Professional Development Company, Inc.  for their insightful contributions and collaboration.


Joann Baney, is currently an Adjunct Faculty Member of Columbia Unviersity's School of International and Public Affairs, as well as the faculty director of several prestigious programs run by Columbia Business School's Executive Education.  She is co-founder and Vice President of the Professional Development Company, Inc., a Communications Consulting Firm in NYC. She has performed as a singer and actress in numerous off-broadway shows.