It's time to shine. We can help.
It's time to shine. We can help.

It's time to shine. We can help.

Like a gem that needs a little polish, you already have everything you need

to shine. Together let's

reveal the brilliance within.


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Are you ready to transform your personal and business life?  What if you could bring your best self to every interaction, presentation or speech?


What if I told you that I KNOW you can become a polished speaker?


Leadership Presence - enhance your leadership "brand" and your presence so that people want to listen

Public Speaking  & Presentation - stand up,  stand out, and influence your audience

Interpersonal Communication - learn to make authentic connections and improve your relationships

Storytelling - make your message memorable by telling unforgettable stories 


Identify your uniqueness and find your "why"


Hone it, organize your message and make it ready for prime time


Take what you’ve learned and tell your story in a way that activates your audience.

ABOUT Cheryl

Cheryl Wiles has dedicated the last 15 years to helping others discover, refine, and transform their leadership talents and improve their communication skills. She has worked in a variety of corporate leadership positions, as an executive education instructor, meeting facilitator, communication coach, acting teacher, and theater director.  [more]

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